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The use of asbestos roofing material is extensive due to its capability for resisting heat and noise insulation. Asbestos roofing material is also used for its fireproofing potential. However, we now know that asbestos roofing materials can be hazardous to health when it degrades over time, so removal should be left to the experts.
At Action Roofing, we specialise in:
  • Re-roofing of houses including removal of the old roof
  • Re-roofing of commercial and industrial premises including removal of old roof
  • Re-roofing with asbestos removal and then installing the new roof
We use and recommend:

  • Colorbond Custom Orb Roof Sheeting
  • Zincalume Steel Roof Sheeting
  • Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting
  • Colorbond Ultra Custom Orb Roof Sheeting
Our team works to ensure your roof is not only completed on time but all safety provisions and restrictions are maintained from commencement.

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